3D asset

The "3D asset" feature or "3D on floor" feature allows placing 3D objects in Augmented Reality. The 3D model is automatically placed on an horizontal plane as soon as it is detected. The horizontal plane can be for example a table or the floor.

This feature allows showing 3D objects in augmented reality without the need of an image trigger.

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Supported devices

This feature uses the ARKit and ARCore technologies available on iOS and Android devices. Not all devices support the technology. The supported devices are listed below:



Unsupported devices

For unsupported devices, the 3D model won't be displayed in Augmented Reality but the 3D model would be displayed in preview mode.

Editor Settings Help

Editor 3D settings

Correct object center

When the 3D model is placed on the floor, the origin of the 3D model (x,y,z = 0,0,0) is placed where the plane is detected. If the checkbox is unchecked, the position of the 3D object will corresponds to the position defined inside the 3D file. For instance, it may appear above the floor if the object Y-value is > 0 or with an offset if the object center is not at X = 0 or Z = 0. This behaviour may be wanted if for instance we want a balloon to be floating up in the air.

However, most of the time we want that the model stands on the ground and such that its center appears where the object has been placed. This is automatically done when the checkbox is enabled. The system will then translate the object on top of the floor and centered. This is often required if the 3D model has not been explicitely created for being displayed in AR.

Adapt model size

By default, the size of the object in AR will correspond to the size defined in the 3D file. If the 3D file contains a cube of length 1, the cube will appear with a size of 1 meter in AR.

So, if the 3D file does not correspond to the wanted size, you can set the desired size by giving one of the wanted dimension in meter.

Extra parameters

This field is currently not used.

Tutorial: How to create a new AR experience with 3D assets!

Illustration of tutorial final state

We have introduced a new way to experience 3D models in AR! No more need of image tracking, the 3D model is automatically placed on the floor or on your table. We present here the steps to follow for creating such experience!

The steps are the following:

  1. Create or download a 3D model, we present here how Sketchfab models can be used.
  2. Create a 3D assets in V-Director
  3. Create a V-Director content
  4. Play it!

1. Get a 3D model

Sketchfab is a platform listing millions of 3D models. It is a good way to find nice 3D models that can be used in V-Director.

Search 3D models on Sketchfab
3D model info on Sketchfab
glTF download on Sketchfab

2. Create a 3D asset in V-Director

3. Create a V-Director content

We need now to integrate the 3D asset inside a standard V-Director content. The 3D asset can be integrated to any type of content (image, GPS or beacon).

For this example, we will create an image content.

Editor scenario
Search 3D asset in editor

4. Play it!

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